Healthcare Construction

It goes without saying that communication, documentation, proper training, and education are all essential in healthcare construction. When embarking on a new healthcare construction project or retrofitting an existing facility, our philosophy of Built Fast, Built Right makes your project run smoothly and quickly. These are guiding principals at Precision Construction Group, LLC in regards to healthcare construction. PCG will work with you! One of the biggest benefits of increased collaboration and communication is that it allows doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals to simplify their daily processes and decrease costs.

Our healthcare Design-Build approach is based on current medical building research and offers a holistic response that promotes the healing process through integrated and innovative technology and patient well-being. From healing gardens to high-tech research labs, our diverse range of healthcare construction expertise has helped solidify our position as a local leader in medical facility and hospital construction.

Our integrated approach to construction provides value from the earliest stages of design and pre-construction through facility activation and post-occupancy after care. Whether the team is informally collaborative or is operating under a design-build or early contractor involvement delivery method, Precision Construction adds significant value to any healthcare construction project.

PCG is more than just a healthcare builder – we provide a full range of healthcare construction services. Whether we are identifying potential design conflicts or coordinating the installation of major medical equipment, we provide guidance, support, and solutions to our clients every step of the way, like our friends at Moore Smiles.

Healthcare Construction Projects